Pyramid House

One of the best houses
in the world

Built in 1989 by architect Don Smith as his family’s vacation home, it astonishes the eye by the clear lines of seven pyramids contrasting against the ultramarine Caribbean sky. The open plan living areas are covered by four pyramids: entry atrium, kitchen, living, and dining rooms. The other three pyramids enclose three spacious bedrooms.

Pyramid House

Imported marble floors throughout the building and outdoor area, glass peaks on pyramids, mahogany plank ceilings, built-in dining and kitchen tables, sliding doors all around the house! A green tile-lined circular pool set in a square silver-white Sicilian granite deck, adjacent to the living room and oriented to the bay and the mountains beyond.

in Pyramid House
is special

The constant trade wind breezes traversing Pyramid Point cosset you with tropical warmth, and harmonize with the never-ending sound of waves crashing on the rocky precipice, and creating a magnificent spray of the Point’s own blowhole. Surrounded by water from three sides you feel yourself sailing in open ocean while sitting on the point sipping your cruzan rum and watching the sunset!
Another day in Paradise gone by.